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Cleaning How You Like It!


Whether your home needs an occasional or regular cleaning we are at your service.  We will walk through your home during your estimate to get all of your cleaning preferences.

Thieves cleaner edited.png

Green Cleaning


We use  only the highest quality cleaning products including Young Living's Thieves Cleaner and we will clean your entire home with only these environmentally, kid and pet friendly products.

Deep Spring Cleaning


Although Spring in Hawaii is all year long we offer you a deep cleaning option to retune your home and free it from dust and pests that  accumulate over time in hard to reach places or in upholstered furniture.

Move In/Out Cleaning


Let's face it moving in Hawaii often has added complexity with transoceanic shipments being a common factor to deal with.  Who needes the added stress of having to make sure that your home is clean beyond reproach??  Leave this part to us.

Open House Cleaning


You want your home to look it's best and we understand it's all about the small details and special touches.  Flowers in your vases? Cookies in the oven? Can do! And more. We will make sure your home is welcoming and shines for those potential buyers.

Party Cleaning


Who wants to bother with all the clean up involved after you throw a party? Not you, but we do.  Sit back and relax and we will get your house back to a home.  The only evidence that you had a function will be the pictures you took.

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